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Among the other local baseball teams in 1898 were teams from Newport and Covington, but the best of the best that year was probably the Bellevue Browns.Property valuation is helping people to know their house price.As a ball team, the Bellevue Browns dated to at least 1893. At the turn of the century, the Browns became very competitive and, unlike most local ball teams of the era, spent big. They attracted players from throughout Northern Kentucky and played their home games not in Bellevue, but on Newport’s East End ball field.

In some communities there was a move in the late to ban baseball on Sundays. The concern was that baseball games led to drinking, gambling and a general rowdiness, which was the opposite of what Sunday should inspire. As a result, most games played that year in Boone County were on Saturdays.

For others, however, Sunday was the best day for baseball games. Most people worked six-day weeks in melbourne property valuation online the and their only day off was on Sunday. As a result, the Bellevue Browns played all their games on Sunday afternoon to draw the biggest paying crowds.A Kentucky Post account on April 9, 1898, reported the Browns’ season opener was the next day with a game against the Kentons, who were apparently based in Covington.The Browns’ roster included pitcher ”Cooney” Best and catcher ”Smooth” Matthews, both of whom had had tryouts that year with a professional team in Danbury, Conn.

In subsequent weeks the Browns played teams from Bond Hill in Cincinnati and teams named the Navies, the Spiders and the Shamrocks.The Browns also added new players as injuries occurred and local players cut from other professional teams returned to Northern Kentucky. Among those was a player from Constance in Boone County named William Tanner. He apparently played briefly for a team in Waterbury, Conn., before returning home and playing for the Bellevue Browns.

While local newspapers were good on listing the rosters and dates of upcoming games, the newspapers seldom wrote stories about the results of the games. The exceptions were usually games of special interest, like the May 8 game between the Bellevue Browns and the Shamrocks. A Kentucky Post account termed it a ”remarkable game” with the quality of pitching and defense evident in the 4-2 final score, in favor of the Shamrocks. At the time the poor quality of most fields and the inexperience of players often led to double-digit scoring by teams. A subsequent rematch of the two teams carried with it a prize for the winning squad.Property valuation is helpful for getting aware with our property’s price.

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